Lino's Coffee
Authentic experience
Lino’s Coffee was founded in Parma in 1991 as a roasting company, subsequently developing in the production and distribution sectors. Now, like 25 years ago, it still continues with the same passion and care for the quality of its coffee!
Via Emilio Lepido 198 – località Il Moro
43123 PARMA (Italy)
Phone +39 0521 1747603
Fax +39 0521 1747601


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A ideal blend of Central and South American coffees all exclusively belonging to the Arabica species.

A very persistent aftertaste with sweet and delicate notes of fruit and chocolate.


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New Lino’s Service orders’ active from now on Whatsapp for all affiliates.
To make it to you simpler, faster and immediate orders the service we have created this new opportunity.
1) Go to Whatsapp
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