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Lino’s Coffee was founded in Parma in 1991 as a roasting company, subsequently developing in the production and distribution sectors. Now, like 25 years ago, it still continues with the same passion and care for the quality of its coffee!
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Italian Cuisine

The Italian cuisine is considered the best in the world for its taste, tradition and genuine ingredients. Emilia is the representative symbol of such, with its raw ham from Parma, Culatello from Zibello (salty compact pork), Parmigiano Regiano cheese, to be accompanied with a good glass of Lambrusco, fruit of the great continuity between tradition and creativity.

Our “Tigelle”

Water, Salt, Wheat flour and Oil.

These are the simple and natural ingredients of our “Tigelle”. Baked in a circular baking tin, previously in an earthernware dish, this bread offers a traditional and delicious taste. Generously filled with cold
cuts, different varieties of cheese, and, in the sweet version, with honey, hazelnut cream or with butter and jam, will all delight the most demanding palates.



Freshness, simplicity and Italian milk:

these are the ingredients of our Gelato. Only materials of controlled designation of origin, with processing and procedures respecting the nutritive properties of the product, together with a constant monitoring of selection to protect the flavour and aroma of the traditional Italian Gelato.


The tradition of sweetness.

A wide choice of ring-shaped cakes, krapfens, muffins, dry biscuits, shortbread biscuits, croissants filled on the spot with favourite cream, to be accompanied by a coffee or cappuccino: the right way to start the day according to the real Italian tradition or simply to take a pleasant break.