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Lino’s Coffee was founded in Parma in 1991 as a roasting company, subsequently developing in the production and distribution sectors. Now, like 25 years ago, it still continues with the same passion and care for the quality of its coffee!
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Advantages of Franchising

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Advantages of Franchising

How to Open a Caffetterie in Franchising, cost and location:
The company is currently positioned among the leading Italian Caffetterie and mainly focused in Italy, although since 2008 the company has initiated a program of expansion in Europe, Middle East and Far East.

In 2008 it opened the first restaurant in Dubai, at the Burjuman Centre mall, following a Master Franchise agreement with the local partner, which provides for the opening of at least 12 locals more in UAE. In September 2009 it was opened the first local in Libya, in Tripoli, in November of the same year the first restaurant in Kuwait and a few months later the first in Morocco, in Rabat. In 2010 it opened the first premises in Switzerland (Montreux) and in 2011 the second location in Kuwait.

From 2012 to the present, it made more then 15 new stores, with major locations and graphic layout, including: United States, France, Egypt and Qatar etc. In addition to this, it has made significant restyling of existing stores or already Lino’s.

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Even in Italy, however, its development plan continues according to a profitable program, which takes into account the new strategic areas and new urban hubs, both in town centers and in commercial districts. At the moment its premises are more concentrated in the northern part of Italy, especially Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Friuli, but also in Central and Southern Italy, you can detect a major presence (Abruzzo, Campania, Puglia and Sicilia).
Our “core business” is always tied to the selection and roasting the highest quality coffee and enhanced by the administration of our branded products through the retail network of franchise stores .

The first Lino’s was born in 1999 in Parma and to date, with over 60 stores (including 6 of ownership), our brand has achieved a high level of recognition, as evidenced by the study of the English Society of Marketing Research “Allegra Strategies “who mentioned among the giants of the world of Caffetteries, in the wake of Starbucks, Caffè Nero and coffee Republic, calling it” Irresistibly Italian – the favorite coffee concept by the experts of the coffee sector – the network of cafes leader in Italy and with most potential for development – a real success. ”
Lino’s philosophy can be summed up thus in a constant focus on innovation, the product of high quality, and customer satisfaction.


Lino’s knows that consumers have different needs depending on the time of day; therefore it offers them the possibility to choose between some different solutions guaranteed by its products. Indeed, it is more and more convinced, and the market offers it a clear confirmation fo this, that such qualitative level diversification contrasts the traditional products offering served in the classic Caffetterie or in the italian style cafes.

One of the main differentiating factors is precisely represented by fine coffees, roasted directly in its roasting of Parma, following precise specifications in relation to the consumers choices and preferences.
The Lino’s network is also characterized by the atmosphere of relaxation and sociability that has managed to recreate within its stores, presenting a lifestyle different from the traditional Caffetterie concepts and the Caffetteries usual networks.
Lino’s creates and manages carefully its stores, through a contemporary Italian style format, emphasizing in particular the graphic image, the warm and friendly atmosphere and, above all, attention to the local consumers needs and habits.
In 2008 it was included a special line “Food Salt” and since 2009 the format “Artisan Gelato”, in order to complete the offer and ensure affiliates a growing coverage of costs and flow of customers throughout the day. It has also launched in 2012 the new Concept “Bread and Breakfast” which also includes the “Bakery” line (bread & related) entirely produced in the store, which aims to emphasize the brand offer during all time slots opening.

In addition to this, since the end of 2012 it has develope two other new formats by the costs and structures leaners and immediate: Format “Boutique” (for the sale of coffee beans / Capsule compatible / gadgets and related products) and Format “Kiosko” (light and foldable, suitable for small and crowded crossing points and locations). For these formats the budgets and costs will be provided on an ad hoc request.

As regards the Franchise Formula in particular, the following key points:
1) Lino’s provides, at the expense of the Affiliate evaluable, the “turnkey” formula on the layout store complete, which can be summed up in:
• Project implementation (Layout and rendering) from our internal Architects, on the basis of the indentified location and the Affiliate requirements;
• Construction and installation of furniture, artwork, machinery and equipment;
• Assistance in the pre and post opening through a network of dedicated Area Manager, in terms of service-commercial marketing, promotional, graphics support-communicative, technical and management issues;
• Training and refresher training of staff (at the beginning of and periodically organized);
Are always excluded from the estimates provided the masonry work and the work for the connections, (as falling into variables vast and difficult to quantify in advance) but it will still be managed in accordance with the request and according to our instructions and on the basis of a “package Design Works and document procedures”) (such as drawings SCIA / DIA, Authorization health, construction supervision, preparation POS, design systems);

2) It ‘expected to conclude a contract Franchising generally lasting 6 years renewable (a different duration can be determined based on the duration of any underlying Lease of the property).

The Franchise Agreement provides:
• An initial training of the local staff, in order to provide the necessary skills for the management of a Linos’ Coffee and implementation of special treatment product; the training of club owner and any closest collaborators, usually runs in 2/3 weeks, first at our laboratory and later on some of our stores; the rest of the personnel, as may be necessary, is formed directly on the spot by one of our training manager which follows the whole phase pre and post opening, until the room is not capable of operating in full autonomy; All operational tools and daily management of the product will be provided by us.
• Any training courses to be held in continuous relationship, always at the local school of Milan;
• Continuous assistance by Lino’s in the issues of local management, through periodic visits of their Area Manager and possible telephone support;
• Constraint for the Affiliate to buy only products to Lino’s list (for the only categories of competence included in the list);
• Constraint for the Affiliate to meet the parameters of quality of service and its image format of Lino’s;
• The payment to Lino’s of an Entry Fee (one-time) for the right to use the trademark Lino’s, in addition to one year of support and development.
• The payment to Lino’s of a fixed annual Royalty

The square footage of a Lino’s store depends on where you want to accomplish (downtown or shopping center) and on the type of service you want to offer: classic cafeteria, elaborate cafeteria, with possible addition of cold food and also of Gelato, without or no workshop and takeaway coffee silos (with grinding corner).
Normally, for places of pure Cafeteria, does not exceed 70/80 sqm. and especially in shopping centers, where there is more passing customers and rental costs are higher, even 50sqm can be productive. In the inner cities, where people often seek meeting places to sit in peace and in places where you want to offer the service of Food- Salad Caffetterie – Gelateria, the square footage can also climb to 100sqm. and over of surface of administration.
In this case, the cost of renting the location must be supported by more detailed economic analyzes.